Digital Marketing

Search Engine Management

New to Google Ads ? Our specialists stand here to help you with:


Account set-up (adwords, analytics, webmaster tools, google tag manager, google merchant center) / Tracking setup (Analytics, E-commerce tracking, Enhanced Ecommerce tracking i Google Tag Manager).

Google Ads


Business goals and needs (expected ROI and Cost per Conversion) /Bids strategy, budget estimate, budget allocation / Targeting and segmentation possibilities based on your needs (age, location, interest…)


Management and ongoing improvement of your campaigns, adgroups, text ads, keywords and bids / Keywords analyse, KPIs, benchmark against competitors, users need and behavior/ Automatic reporting via Excel or interface based on your wished KPIs.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We are Facebook blueprint trained.

Our close working relationship with Facebook ensure that we are using the latest available features to run and optimize your Instagram and Facebook campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram sponsored ads

We are specialized in Facebook and Instagram management of your fan pages and your sponsored ads. We can offer you a full support as well as the administration of your fan page. We can also offer you support within the following areas:


Creation of segmented ads based on your customer database as well as look like segments that match your customers profile.

Creation of segments based on all the different Facebook parameters such as age, location, sex…


We manage your bids and your ads: Every 24 hours, we optimize your campaigns in order to get you the best ROI.

Ehandel Partner has developed a unique reporting solution that will ensure you the best possible ROI on your Facebook campaigns.


We offer you an advanced reporting tool that provides you with the ROI for each segment.

Visible results

Visible results, growth and customer statisfation are a must for os. We beleive in a close work relationship with both our partners and our customers. We provide a clear understanding of the action to be taken, the KPIs to be defined and  the growth strategy to be made.

LinkedIn Ads

Are you a running a B2B business ? if yes, LinkedIn Ads are perfect for you as it is the most effective plaform for marketers to engange with professionals.

Access to a professional audience:  LinkedIn members have more purchasing power than any other social platform.

In an aspirational mindset: Opportunity for marketers to position and develop their brands by helping them find profesional success.

Influenced by their professional networks: Giving the nature of LinkedIn, which is a social platform, marketers can benefit from the viral impact of engaging professional by influencing their entire network.

450 millions users: LinkedIn is the world largest and most active profressional network. This gives you 2 main advantages in term of targeting:

- With 450 millions user, LinkedIn can offer you a massive reach over the professional audience. You have the capacity to taget any kind of potential B2B customers.

- Accuracy: LinkedIn members keep their personal information up to date so the professionals you target are who they say they are.

LinkedIn Ads Management

Start with yourr marketing goals in mind: For any campaign to be successful, you need to start with your goals in mind. Ehandel Partner can help you define the best strategy and segementation based on the type of goal you whish to achieve:

- build brand awareness

- drive traffic to your website

- generate new leads

Insights and key metrics: Thx to LinkedIn precise insights and key metrics overview, Ehandel Partner is able to prove a clear overview about:

- Your campaign audience: View targeted impressions, average click through rates (CTRs), leads.

- Audience insights: See a detailed view of the demographics for LinkedIn members who click on your content.

Social actions and engagement: Track the organic likes, shares, comments and make sure that your campaign help you grow your business.