Get started today with the sale of your goods at some of the largest European marketplaces.

We help you with both the technical setup as well as the ongoing product data optimization.

E-handel Partner has developed an exclusive and close collaboration with some of the largest European marketplaces.

Our own PIM system is connected to these marketplaces. This helps to:

- continuously optimize your data feeds
- translate your data continuously
- Quickly connect your goods to these marketplaces

When starting a cooperation with E-handel Partner, you can choose between the below options for pushing your goods on marketplaces:

- You can be responsible for your goods and ensure sending the goods directly to the end user.

- Or we have the opportunity to take over the handling of your goods. Here we will take care of handling and shipping of your goods together with our logistics partner.


ONLY 12% of Danish companies use today the many opportunities associated with Marketplaces. So take the chance and contact us today.