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Smart Shopping Campaigns bring all the latest automation and machine learning technology to Google Shopping.

With Smart Shopping Campaigns, bids management is no longer required. Machine learning is doing the job for you.

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GSP is a unique type of ads that is showing up in your Gmail inbox. The GSP ads are made of 2 elements: a teaser ad and an ad that expands when you click on the teaser.

The teaser has a text headline composed of 25 characters and a body text composed of 100 characters (the name of your company and a 50X50 image will also be shown in this teaser).

You can reach your prospects without an email list. With Gmail Sponsored Ads, you’ll have the ability to target audiences based on the domains from which they receive emails. If your product or service fits well with another company's offering, you can target people that receive emails from that company.

For example, if you are a travel or vacation booking company, you could target folks that have emails from airlines in their inbox. If you have a technology that integrates with Salesforce, your audience is tailor-made from folks that have Salesforce emails in their inbox. You can even target competitor domains.

Using this ad format, you’re not just targeting people who have visited the websites of your competitors or integrations. You’re targeting people who have explicitly given those competitors or integrations permission to send them emails. These are individuals who have passed the awareness stage of your competitors’ and integrations’ funnel and moved on to the evaluation stage.