Website optimization

Universal Analytics

Universal Analytics gives you a unique possibility to follow customers behavior on your website.

You can through different metrics measure for example the amount of clicks, views, new customers compare to existing ones, the conversion rate and the value of the orders. At the same time you can identify some extra parameters (called dimensions) such as for example the location of your users, the type of device and browser they use.

This is all part of the Universal Analytics standard set-up. You would need to implement the Google Analytics script on each page of your site and an E-commerce tracking script on the check-out page. Send us an e-mail here, so that we can evaluate your needs.

For the most optimized follow-up, it is vital to be able to quickly see the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), that matter most for the different levels of marketing management.

This happens through Google Analytics dashboard (standard) or through Google Analytics custom dashboard. We strongly recommend here to create a custom made dashboard and to generate a report for each level of your internal marketing structure.

The needed KPIs, that a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) would like to see, are not always the same than the KPIs, that could be relevant for an Online Campaign Manager.

Universal Analytics has also developed an extra tracking feature called Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. 

This feature allows to follow the whole product journey on the site (from the amount of users that look at it, click on it to the amount of users that put and remove the products in/from the shopping basket.

Product journey: You can follow how the products perform on each page (through for example CTR, clicks, amount of products in the shopping basket,etc…) This can be used to optimize the products´s placement on your webshop.

Users´s interaction with your products: You can follow the products journey after the products have been put in the shopping basket. This can help for example to find out which products have been removed most often from the basket, which could be a sign of a wrong price or an incorrect product description.

Ehandel Partner offers a quick overview about your most important KPIs, as well as optimization possibilities that will enable you to make changes both on the product and on the page level.

These ongoing optimization possibilities are the backbone of an efficient marketing strategy and it will increase your ROI. That´s why Ehandel Partner developed 2 interfaces, that allows you to have a quick overview about your chosen KPIs, and that guides you through the different on-site optimization possibilities.

Focus on growth

Deep understanding of the development of new markets.  We provide a clear understanding of the different touch points the customer encounter on its journey.  We can help you building a solid strategy enabling the target of your customers at the different touch points.


SEO (both extern and on-site) ensures, that you website ranks higher on the organic results of the search engines (for example Google or Yahoo/Bing).

SEO makes it easier for users and search engines´robots to understand your website. Even though the search engines´robots are becoming smarter and smarter, they still cannot read and understand a site the same way as a human being does.

SEO helps search engines to find out what the website is about and how relevant the information are for the users. This way, the search engines can index a website and determine how high a page/website should be shown in the search results (= page ranking). The higher a website comes on these search results page, the more traffic it is going to receive.

SEO is an investment on the short and on the long run that will send more traffic to your website. Ehandel Partner has developed a report, that shows the value of this added traffic. This way you are able to see straight away how much money you get out of your SEO investment.